Dental tray curing box

Product Information

Rolence Tray LED are used in dentistry to cure resin based composites used in dental appliances. consists of 12 LED as light-source and a drawer for in-and-out of impression tray.
The light wavelength for composite material curing during 390-410 nm necessary.
More lighter and safety than halogen counterparts.
Curing times for most units is selection from 10 to 9:50 maximum.
Features can include widened chamber, high-performance cooling fan to eliminate extra heat. Also provide light-energy over 8.0 mW/cm2 intensity, enough to meet most any dentist requirement.

Product Characteristic:
* Capable of 2 trays maximum at the same time.
* Digital display control panel provides simple and user-friendly operation.
* Average light intensity on able at least 8 mW/cm2.

Dimension : 216 mm(D) x 200 mm(W) x 150 mm(H)
Inner Size : 165 mm(D) x 120 mm(W) x 75 mm(H)
Effective wavelength: 390-410nm
Weight : 3.3 Kg

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