Dental Device

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RXS 1000 Rolence RXS 1000

X-Ray Digital Image Sensor

Product Information

RXS 1000 offers all the benefits of  digital technology and ergonomic design to obtain,  quick connection for dual driver, with own software design, plug-and-play to display real-time images.

Provide the patient with comfortable, easy, fast, high definition, and prompt response for showing their question.

Rolence RXS 1000 is the ideal CMOS digital sensor  make your job more fast and high efficient.
Exchangeagle cable with high definition under the CE certified, Rolence RXS 1000 is your best choose.

Product Characteristic:

1. Exchangeable case
Damaging cable can be replaced, cable cost of a fraction of the price of a new sensor, can be purchased in any time.

2. Quick connecting for dual driver
Both USB 2.0 & 3.0 interface makes it easy to connect directly into your PC .

3.  Adult minimum size
Minimum sizes 1 of sensors with Maximum active area for adult are most available.

4.  High images reflection
Rolence RXS-1000 provide  quality CMOS system images display. Rolence RXS-1000 enables clinicians to see more detail, which is necessary to effective treatment, can also shoot under the low doses environs, fast and high definition image display.

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